Adobe Flash Dying in December

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Adobe Flash Dying in December

Post: # 147977Post Egaladeist
Thu Nov 05, 2020 3:30 am

WOW just WOW....

instead of upgrading it or doing a complete redesign they will completely abandon it in December. Just imagine how that will impact millions of sites that use Flash in their design, games, etc

Places that are almost internet icons when it comes to games, like MiniClip and Kongregate will, I imagine, be shutting down.

And it's not just flash websites and flash games that will be affected, there are all kinds of things that use flash.

Even our sites will be impacted, and are game sites with mostly flash games, our main website will also be impacted but to a lesser degree because flash games is only a part of the website and not the main part.

So the new thing is html5,and games created with html5.....time to search the web to see if there is any i can replace our flash games with.

For those of you who still love the flash games there is a site that is trying to preserve as many as they can before they all die. BlueMaxima's Flashpoint, so far they've preserved over 50,000 games and you can download them free in the full download, or they have a much less storage intensive version that allows you to just grab the ones you want.

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Re: Adobe Flash Dying in December

Post: # 147978Post DaFoxx
Thu Nov 05, 2020 5:58 pm

FLASH was always a security breach in progress
it HAD to go, just surprised it lasted this long, EDGE cannot run it, you have to allow it to run on most web sites nowadays
don't sweat it, unless it is going to break the site ?
it can be absorbed as an ongoing thing
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