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Still the King

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Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:14 pm

Before I even joined AO ...when I first came on the Net back in 2004...I joined a hardware forum that had a small arcade attached ( about 60-80 games at the time ) ...and at one point I was the king with over 40 high scores...

just went and took a boo...and I'm still the King ...after about 5 years I still hold the record for the most high scores...even though some have been beaten :sad:


I'd still like to add an arcade room here...even though we have a lot of games already, some really excellent quality games...we can only play them...we can't compete, have tournaments, post our high scores, etc...

be nice if we could create a small high quality games room with all the features.

( don't know if this is us or photobucket ( they were down for a bit doing maintenance ) but that image should only be 500 wide and clear as a bell..tried 3 different images )

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