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TwinkiRO Awaits You !

Postby WeirdoZ » Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:39 am

[This is bloody spam for yet another phisherman MMORPG private server that's worthless]

[Image deleted just because I'm an asshole]

Sorry that i don't speak a good english, i'm here to promote our server in order to gain more population, and i'm yet another moronic spammer!

Best Forum EVAR!:

Server Information : Was deleted to protect the moronic

Max Lv :
ZERO! You ain't logging to it from here! Muhaha!

Drop Rates :
Once and once only - this fool dropped his spam in the wrong spot

Card Drops :
Only when the moderators have been heavily drinking

Features :
Cold Beer!
Tuesdays are Ladies nights!

Commands :
Commands?!? We don't need no stinking commands! WE ARE COMMANDS!
Then Go Away

Npc's :
- and more..

Thanks for viewing my thread and your support ^^ hope to see you in-game!
Yeah, we're certain you do so you can gather our account info, ip addresses, and whatever other info you can glean. Piss off.
Here NO LONGER are some SS for our server, enjoy NOT HAVING TO LOOK AT THEM.

In short, this idiot is a spammer. Please feel free to delete him!

[Post graciously edited by |ce. If the poster has issues, let him take them up with me.]
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