Spiderman 3

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Spiderman 3

Postby Egaladeist » Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:44 am

OK...watching Spidey 3 with the girls...now I was never a big superhero comic freak when I was a kid ( yes comics were very popular before computers/internet/blockbuster movies :P ) I was more into eerie, creepy, vamperella, haunted house, tales from the crypt, etc...there were some kinda superheroes I liked...batman ( before it got very stupid with that bat guy ) ...Spectre ( but you can't really call him a superhero because he was a vengeful spirit )...Sgt. Rock and other war comics ( again not really superheroes )...I liked Spidey but didn't buy very many comics about him..


I noticed the Spidey in the movie is not the Spidey from the comics...for one thing Spidey from the comics didn't have web shooting out his wrist...the comic book Spidey created webbing in a lab and wore wristbands that webbing shot out of...the webbing was an invention not a part of his anatomy...another glaring difference is that the movie Spidey is a dork...clueless...and very dull...the comic book Spidey was a geek, but he wasn't dorky or clueless...and was very funnily sarcastic...

anyways...back to the movie.
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