Terminator Salvation

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Terminator Salvation

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Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:40 am

Saw this last night. I really liked it. A proper 'brain out' action movie, shame they made it a 12A should have been an 18 like the original and pumped up the blood and guts.

The new character Marcus is better than John Connor. And to be honest the actor is better too. It's the one character that gets a bit of development. The Blair character is a hotty and not in the film enough.

Here be spoilers-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Couldn't disengage the brain completely watching the file and there are plot holes you could drive Mexico through.

1>Lot's of T-600s in the film. These are basically big heavy metal skeletons, grunts. These are not ment to infiltrate like the famous T-800 with it's human skin. These look like a Romero zombie with a minigun. Even in the film they say that they are heavy and slow and they're not particularly hard to kill.
Is Skynet a bit stoopid? You're putting your robots into an urban combat zone, rubble and uneven ground. Why give yourself problems with two legs. Give your troops 4 or eight and they could climb up walls etc. And why leave your T-600s full of holes and panels that your plucky human can jam a knife into or shoot holes into your body. Armour dude, all over.

2>Why collect humans? is that not a massive waste of time and effort, why not just kill them?

3>The T-800, much harder than the T-600, and much prettier too with it's Arnold skin upholstery. But why when it come to killing Mr John Connor, does it not just rip his head off? Why throw him round for 15 minutes. I believe Skynet has the brain of a cat embedded somewhere.

4> The giant human catching robot, very cool, 60 feet tall. Very noisy when catching people. Very good at sneaking up on old shacks. Must be fitted with the S-150 giant robot slippers.

5>Humans seem to have big airbases etc. Why not just blow them up?

6> A heart transplant at the end FFS, earlier the film showed that antibiotics were in short supply never mind the immuno suppressant drugs. Dumb dumb dumb.

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