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Re: I'm Crazy!

Post: # 125768Post Timaxe
Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:20 am

I'm surprised Rapier57 hasn't chimed in at all. In our neck of the woods you can't help but run into people who have worked at Redmond or Micron. And if they didn't do either of those, they've probably done some work in networking for a WISP, pulling fiber, or perhaps working with HV power transmission lines & transformers. Not my idea of fun on a daily basis in any case. I'd want to do something a bit different - Ice, Texas isn't too far off of what I see here in Idaho/Washington. While we don't focus quite as much on tech programs, they like to move here for various reasons.

As far as Vince...good times. I remember helping him pay more attention to lectures by remotely ejecting music CDs and letting him know that *somebody* was watching what was happening on the network. It wasn't too far off - it turns out someone in the CISCO class pulled off a man-in-the-middle attack of sorts and forced all Internet traffic through their computer which was doing packet captures until the disk coughed - I never took the CISCO class, it wasn't me ;)

It's been years since I've played computer and had that much fun though...oh how things change. But I suppose that I'm having that sort of fun playing engineering student - I get to spend tomorrow in the university machine shop building an atmosphere reentry probe for NASA...it may be a few years before I get to do that again, so I'll enjoy it while I can :)

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Re: I'm Crazy!

Post: # 133277Post cavic555
Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:58 am

U do have a little weird in you to spend alot of time on computers and need to want to know how things work. I myself got my first computer secondhand c-64 then an ibm and finally when the 286 386 . . . started coming out. I never figured that I could bought a book and learned more than playing with programs other people wrote, but now I am finally taking interest in the programming side of programs. I probably spending at least 12 hours a day on my pc right now. 2hours studying. the rest b-s ing around. :mrgreen:
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