On the right track or chest pounding?

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On the right track or chest pounding?

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Wed May 24, 2006 5:37 pm

Just saw this on CNN from Lou Dobbs - now if you have not seen Lou Dobbs go off, depending who you are, it can make you want to march on Washington and declare a new government be formed, or... you may just have a good laugh. Either way I am entertained, but what are your thoughts on Mr. Dobbs opinion here?

By the way, this has got to be one of the better titles for an article:
Dobbs: Bush, Congress tell working folk to go to hell
NEW YORK (CNN) -- President Bush says that the installation of the new Iraqi government was a "watershed event," but at the same time warns Americans of the challenges and loss as we continue to prosecute the war against Iraqi insurgents. Sen. Harry Reid declares that legislation that would render English the national language is racist.
Opinion Link: http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/05/23/dobbs.may24/index.html

Now I can't tell right now if Dobbs is left or right wing, or like many of us in the US, getting really pissed off - whether it's justified or not, it's happening.

I wonder... what course of action shall we endeavor upon? Action, no-action, or just whining?

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