The Burning Land - Utred Saxon Series

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The Burning Land - Utred Saxon Series

Postby Aspman » Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:12 pm

I know a few peep here are reading Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series. The newest book is out in paperback.

I have read and it's better than Sword Song which was a bit of a stopgap.

Utred the ultimate anti-hero is back. Defender of King Alfred and occasional murderer of priests.
Lots of blood spilling action. It's not clever stuff but it's all entertaining enough.

Some strong hints that Cornwell plans to let the series run for a while yet. A quick mention of Kin Aed of Scotland basically loaded up for future books and nothing else. By the end of the book he's back in Mercia with a lot of work to do there. A little bit of Ragnar in the book but not enough.

Good stuff, go buy :good:
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