Another what would you do question !

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Thu Jan 12, 2006 1:53 pm

Hmm, what would i do with 15 million.

- Well as Aspman said i'd definetly by a lamborghini, dreamed about them since i was a little boy. (actually my fiance got me one of those red letter days to drive the brand new one, mmmmm, it was good)

- I would by a big ass yaucht, not one of those new white cruising things, but one with sails, love the sea...

- Pay off mortgage, and get a second big house, keep the first for rent, (very good location)

- Pay someone to iron my clothes

- Ditch my current job and spend time working on my website, brushing up programming skills etc. (My ambition one day is to make a living out of providing a service on the net, but i'm no where near that yet...)

- Make sure i kept some back for some silly stuff that you can only ever dream of doing at the moment, ie take a trip with Virgin Galactic, Climb Everest (or atleast attempt to) etc

as for soiling others clothes, i did here on the radio a story about someone catching another guy peeing in his pocket at a concert years ago...

Google is god... of the internet :mrgreen:

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