Hi-ho! Hi-ho! Hi-ho!... I said "Hi! Ho!"

If you have something interesting to say as a writer and it's readable, or just have an opinion on a good book you read...why not put it here so we can enjoy it with you...
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Hi-ho! Hi-ho! Hi-ho!... I said "Hi! Ho!"

Post: # 22059Post genXer
Tue Jun 27, 2006 4:19 pm

to work, to work
i feel like a jerk
many have a dream
not for me it seems
so off to work for the man
thats the plan
"why" you ask, "what the heck?"
well, thats because i like a paycheck
but i think i will have a dream come into play
nothing quite as spectacular as MLK's
but something that allows me to create
ok, me and my spouse, but we are ready to be great
so i will shut my pie hole for now
get back to work, and later have some chow
you should get back to work too
cuz i dont want you to get fired for reading from a foo!
:mad: :lol: :mad:

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Tue Jun 27, 2006 4:33 pm

Hi genXer

You sound like a writer trying to break out, should keep a daily journal of these, maybe write a book later.... :lol:

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