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Corporate Spy
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Post: # 947Post cemetric
Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:30 pm

74- I have something with knives (kitchen and bushcraft knives)
75- I can be very stuborn when it comes to finding solutions for something
76- I need internet
77- I want to take art class
78- I wish I could fast forward time right now.
79- I like sunsets
80- I'm going for 90
81- I'm not going to Sweden this year :(
82- And probably not to Barcelona as well :(
83- I'll have to go somewhere else alone for holliday
84- I can't wait to start fitness again
85- I hope I can still lift 65kg (last it was 80kg)
86- I'll pobably never see my dog again :(
87- I will have to redecorate my house
88- I'm glad I have this job that i do
89- There are still good people on this planet
90- 10 more to go

Sorry ..it's a bit gloomy :(



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Kunstig Konijntje
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Fri Jan 06, 2006 5:40 am

86. I sleep with the bedroom window opened when it's cold
87. Numbers (along with programming) make my head feel SO good....so right
88. I'm addicted to Bath and Body Works
89. I used to have some horses (rode western pleasure)
90. I used to be on a speed skating team
91. I used to do a lot of things :(
92. I like extremes (snow...and desert)
93. I love shooting off fireworks
94. I love shooting off anything
95. I used to be in a bird-watching club *yawn*
96. I have several series of The Simpsons on DVD and used to think the geeky comic book guy was "my type" of guy :roll:
97. I like the number 4 (the most), also, 9, and 11
98. If you tell me I can't do something...I'll do it
99. I'm not the best gardener...but I love it anyway
100. I like my arms
101. I beat cemetric. :p
For all that I am....I am not.

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Post: # 1182Post cemetric
Fri Jan 06, 2006 12:48 pm

Damned, damned

Now I have to reach 100 ... Damned.

Ok ...I'll give it a go today...


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Post: # 1201Post cemetric
Fri Jan 06, 2006 4:35 pm

Ok ..here it goes

91- I used to play Basketball
92- I've done some boxing (not proffesionaly)
93- I've still got an RC-car
94- I like gadgets (PDA, MP3)
95- I've done like 7 other jobs before ending up in IT
96- I like to sing along with songs to relieve stress
97- I can be very direct
98- I like my legs the most
99- I should really clean up my room
100- Never thought I could reach it
101- Konijntje wins ;)

Man ..It was hard thinking of things ... There are probably other things that I just don't think of right now ...too much other stuff on my mind.


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Field Marshal Von Uber Tazmaniac
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Post: # 2093Post Kwiep
Thu Jan 12, 2006 1:57 am

12. I'm gonne type 20 more things because I traded it for something

13. I just figured it wasn't a fair deal

14. I'm seriously reconsidering this now because I've been RIPPED OFF

15. I have been talking with me possible next girlfriend today

16. she's playing hard to get

17. wich totally isn't working

18. she thinks it's working, because I'm not taking the step to the "next level"

19. yet...

20. the trying to play hard to get is kinda attractive and a turnoff at the same time

21. wich means if I don't get on with a girl it's attractive to me

22. wich is kinda weird

23. she's a blonde, while I like dark haired women better

24. mtv mash ups are cool

25. ma roomy just downloaded like 10 million ringtones

26. I rearranged my room

27. I feel kinda shitty atm

28. I got up at like 2 o clock today

29. wich kinda sucked

30. I'm tired right now

31. I bought a sportcard this week and I haven't used it yet

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