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Thu Nov 01, 2007 7:53 pm

This isn't quite a "written piece", but just thinking out loud. It was a little memior from my blog. I wasn't sure where else to put it, but I figured here was acceptable. This happened last night actually, while I was working at the hospital.

Rob (my Sr. APN) asked me to help him move some heavy boxes from his office to the dolly. On the way we crossed paths with this...Goddess, for lack of a better term. Elegant features, short raven black hair that shimmered in the hallugen lights, incredible figure, and had these dark smoldering eyes that physically impacted me when their gaze met mine. She was dressed like a lawyer in her well cut business suit, and exuded class and sophistication. She had this look of intellectual intensity that just leveled me.

Alas, I could do nothing about it. I have a well-developed discipline and sense of professionalism that forbids me to genuinely hit on/pursue any woman while I'm working. Don't be fooled, this rule would have been tossed to the wayside and forgotten in an instant under normal circumstances. However, I was with Rob, I'm new to this hospital/department/position, and we were headed somewhere--so it would have been REALLY bad if I stopped to ensnare that woman and make her mine! AUGH!!!

The worst part was is that the look she gave me carried all the weight behind it of the one I had given her. That moment was so utterly intense, but breif--my god. I know she had simular sentiments; not simply from the look she gave me, but as we passed and she walked up the steps--she subtly brushed her hair back on the side closest to me and looked back again for a second time.



I have never had an "at first sight" moment, and honestly don't believe in them. If there ever were such a thing, that instance was definately the exception though.

I'm probably even going to put an add in my local newspapers, lol. She was dressed professionally and wasn't in any patient section--so she was there for business. Chances are that she will return, but I can't imagine running into her again. I move into the new tower in a week after it's grand openning, and I don't know what department she was coming from--or if it is even relocating to the new faciluty like Cardiology is.

Sigh </3

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Thu Nov 01, 2007 8:12 pm

Sometimes the bell in your heart goes *ding* nice and quietly, and leaves you smitten. Why not do a little surreptitious investigating to find out who she was, and where in the hospital she went? Perhaps you'll get lucky and actually find out something.

Also, if she truly was reciprocal with the feelings (and those *ding* moments usually happen to both sides at once), she'll be back, perhaps looking for you. Keep your eyes and ears open my friend.
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