Workday Haiku

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Workday Haiku

Postby Harbinger » Mon Dec 03, 2007 5:41 pm

I scribbled these in my mind as I went to work, then as I did some of my routine duties. I thought some of them were rather witty:

Kissed by sheets of ice
Groaning with much obstinance
My car moves at last.

Scrubs are a thin veil
The winter's rage pours through me
Sweatpants underneath.

Scorn fills the elevator
Tacobell's malice.

Why must you smile so?
We are five thousand employed
We shan't meet again.

Icy paws of doom
Descend to ruin your slumber
Diagnostic wrath.
"I am never wrong. I thought I was once, but I was mistaken."
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