Small Change? WTF?

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Re: Small Change? WTF?

Postby dinowuff » Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:21 pm

Well NAFTA is pretty much a thing of the past. We used to own a factory in Canada because the taxes were to high to do business there unless you had a presence. But that's all changed and since we can sell our product with out penalty we closed the "North American" facility.

Manufacturing will indeed return to the U.S. You can manufacture "off the shelf" products in Vietnam, China and Korea but anything more complex - you have to do it in the States. It's a mindset. If you're a communist or live in a communist country - you have no need to improve, work harder, smarter, etc. Have you ever tried to get anything done in Europe? Fuck - Spain shuts down for August! The entire month the entire southern part of that country doesn't work. Between taking 2 hour naps in the afternoon, never having a sense of urgency and a pitiful work ethic - just getting anyone in Europe to respond to an email takes damn near an act of God. Don't get me started on Brazil, China and Malaysia.

There are jobs for those that want to work and for those who are educated. And right now is the perfect time to start a business. So as I said in the beginning, the media needs to STFU and quit scaring the public. Things are really blown out of proportion.
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Re: Small Change? WTF?

Postby Egaladeist » Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:03 pm

To an extent I agree that it has been hyped...if we look at the unemployment rate as being a major indicator of economic stability...

in Canada the unemployment rate right now is lower than it was in 1976 the Canadian unemployment rate was about went up to 12% in 1983...went back down to 7.5% in 1989...climbed back up to 11% in 1994...went back down to 7% in 2000...had a slight jump to 8% in 2003...and fell to a 31 year low of 6% in 2007...

unemployment presently sits as of June 2009 at 8.4%

the American unemployment rate has always been lower than ours...with the exception of 1980 where it was the same.

All the media hype surrounding job losses, bankruptcies, etc...has not in any way dramatically changed the unemployment rates.
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