Well, here it is now... *GRAPHIC*

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Well, here it is now... *GRAPHIC*

Post: # 130578Post Vorlin
Sun Aug 09, 2009 5:39 pm

I live in North Augusta, SC...about 8 miles from the border west to Augusta, Georgia (Savannah River being the border) and this past few days has been very "interesting" to say the least. This is the deep south, so you'd not expect what you're about to read to happen here. This is the kind of thing that happens in New York, or Chicago, or San Francisco, etc...not Augusta, Georgia.

14 year old from a very problematic family, troubled life, etc...that might stir some sympathy but don't worry, you won't have any by the time you finish reading this post. He says he woke up from a "bad dream involving his step-sister". She's 22. So...what does he do? Instead of taking a walk, or sitting outside and looking at the moon or calling a friend who might still be up (after all, this is 2009, every f'ing kid has a cell phone of some sort). This is all assuming he was asleep which I think was a pile of sh!t. No, he doesn't do any of that. Does he try to watch tv or get on the computer and talk to someone about it if it was really that bad? Nope. What does he do?

He gets a 22-caliber rifle and goes over to his mom's house where this step-sister is. She's asleep in the bedroom somewhere in the house. We see where this is going, right? Let's ask a few questions real quick before continuing.

1: How is it he had access to a rifle AND ammunition? I'm 33 with no intentions of taking any one of my dad's 6 rifles which are 20 feet away from me as I write this in a locked gun cabinet that I do not have the key to and there's no ammunition for any of them, not even the .22 Springfield rifle that's in there.

2: How did he get over to the house? Apparently it must be somewhere close and he must've walked, I'm gathering. This leads to the next question.

3: How do you conceal a .22 rifle walking down a street in Augusta? Augusta's not a quiet city, even at night and police are always out and about. Moving on...

4: How did he get into his mom's house? Maybe he had a key. Maybe he crawled through a screenless open window. Maybe he opened the forgotten-to-be-locked back sliding door. Who knows.

5: Did he potentially think of what he was going to do to his step-sister anywhere in this whole travesty? From getting the rifle and loading it, safety off, to walking the distance, to being in his mom's house with said rifle, to standing over his quietly-sleeping step-sister in her room...nope.

What did he do at this time? Remember, this fucked up kid had a 'bad dream'. Cry me a fucking river.

He shot her in her sleep.






Can we even imagine what that bed looked like? For some crazy reason, the family of the sister wants an autopsy. WHAT FUCKING FOR, that's a closed casket if I ever thought of one. Oh, and you know where they found him? At a friend's house. How the hell do you explain that? "Yo man, I just offed my step-sister with this here rifle...can I come in and chill? I had a bad dream with her in it.". He's supposedly gonna be tried as an adult but that means shit. If Susan Smith can get away as an adult for drowning her two kids, one a baby, in her station wagon and be sentenced for life to a mental joint, this kid will get the same thing and waste more tax payer's money. And nobody in this forum even wants to know what kinds of "death sentences" I've already thought up. You really, really don't. :angry1: :angry1: :angry1: :angry1: :angry1: :angry1: :angry1: :angry1: :angry1: :angry1: :angry1: :angry1:

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