CDC offers guidance for Higher Education

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CDC offers guidance for Higher Education

Post: # 130875Post rapier57
Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:21 am

The Center for Disease Control posted guidelines for Higher Education dealing with returning students and the upcoming flu season. ... d=tw_flu37

Just in case you haven't been following along, there have been 522 H1N1-related deaths in the US and almost 8,000 hospitalized cases in all reporting states and territories.

I haven't been following the statistics in the World Health Organization, but I expect there have been pretty steady fatality numbers elsewhere.

I'm planning to get the flu shot again, stock up on good vitamins and other healthy things, and avoid students ...


Yeah, right, I work in higher education.


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Re: CDC offers guidance for Higher Education

Post: # 130898Post Harbinger
Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:15 pm


CDC basically declares that anyone with a temperature above 100F and a cough has swine flu, even should a culture be found negative so long as no other culprit is yet determined. They also fail to note how nearly all deaths involving US Citizens are from people with immunocompromization and chronic illness. Nearly all patients have mild symptoms and require no treatment for regular recovery. Aside from the notion that I have to fear 13th century peasants in caves, this is probably the most wildly exaggerated scare I have ever born witness to.

I am a proponent for vaccinations, and consider myself an allopath, but I will refuse the swine flu vaccine without hesitation. It's been purchased and given immunity before safety and even effectiveness has been tested--not to mention despite the complete lack of need for it. Now they keep preaching that the populations with the greatest historical resiliance and least incidence of mortality need the vaccine the most. Apparently I'm part of the "at-risk" population. Remind me to repost this when I and my unvaccinated peers don't die off in droves or suffer anything beyond mild illness(if at all). It's also valuable to remember that in the 1970s, the vaccine killed about 2500% more people than the illness did.

I'm not a conspiricy theorist, but I do question compitence of just about everyone and everything. This is especially true for the easily manipulated CDC and WHO, whose advice and fear mongering are generally better ignored.
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Re: CDC offers guidance for Higher Education

Post: # 130904Post Aspman
Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:54 pm

A lot of the swine flu vaccine in the uk is made with a cheap perservative which is made largely of mercury.

I'll pass on that ta.

Plus look up the stats on normal flu deaths. 80 a day in the UK, 30000 a year.

Most swine flu number are made up of people with the cold. They're not lab diagnosing it anymore. Phone up, say you're sick with 'flu-like' symptom, they'll say you have pig flu and tell you to stay home for two weeks.
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