Guy flies plane into IRS building: Video

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Guy flies plane into IRS building: Video

Post: # 133830Post Egaladeist
Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:28 am

CNN's Rick Sanchez talks to a software consultant about the grudge Joseph Andrew Stack apparently had against the IRS. ... r.intv.cnn

Rick talks with Texas Representative Michael McCaul about a plane that crashed into a building housing IRS office ... .intv.cnns.

really did a mess of the building.

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Re: Guy flies plane into IRS building: Video

Post: # 133836Post |3lack|ce
Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:37 pm

The really freaky part of this is that his daughter (who later recanted her statement,) called him a Hero during a news interview. Now the guy has a following - and actually got an article in today's paper touting him as such.

To me this was the insane, terroristic act of an idiot. A REAL hero would've hacked the IRS and wiped it's database, or have been elected to office and successfully outlawed the IRS and income taxes in general, opting for a better system of governmental finance. More heroic still are those who are mounting a growing grass-roots campaign calling for a meeting of a Constitutional Convention - to rewrite and recreate our government in its entirety.
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Re: Guy flies plane into IRS building: Video

Post: # 133951Post Harbinger
Mon Mar 08, 2010 12:21 am

Since I subscribe to the non-aggression principle, I cannot condone the indescriminate violence of his actions, but I do sympathize with his motives and with his reasons. The fact that it has not been more widely decried, and has actually generated support is proof enough that there is something gravely ill with our current systems.

I personally feel that the US Federal Government, as well as the Federal Reserve, are the most significant, most immediate, and most pervassive threats to personal freedom, economic stability, and world peace that exist today. This is an increasingly more common view. The significance that this polarizing report comes from none other than the Communist News Network cannot be understated.

However, I understand that violence is The Empire's greatest strength, both in rhetoric and action. Therefore, this kind of action serves as little more than hyperbole and accomplishes very little. If anything, it only gives the beauracracy a wake-up call to pre-empt more civil liberties/rights crushing policy and legislation. The revolution is knocking on the door though. It won't be left to stand out in the cold for much longer either.
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