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Post: # 143659Post DaFoxx
Thu May 23, 2013 12:50 pm

SE of the USofA seemingly have a major issue building with ANTS :shock:
A massive horde of computer-killing "crazy ants" are invading the southeastern US, killing other species as they go.

New research released today in the journal Biological Invasions warns the aliens have wiped out at least one other ant invader, the exotic fire ant, but are also targeting local ants with deadly precision. More worryingly, if you're a human, the tiny terrors also pose a threat to humanity due to their predilection for swarming into electrical machinery in huge numbers and destroying the circuitry.

The beasties earned the nickname crazy because they dart around erratically and quickly, rather than taking the calm, sedate paths favoured by other ants. They are also referred to as tawny crazy ants due to their natty colour scheme.

For fans of El Reg, the ants' unexplainable taste for all things tech is likely to be their most terrifying characteristic. Once they move into a house, they swarm everywhere, occupying every space they can in frightening numbers. Then, for reasons no one fully understands, they swarm into machines and chew away at the wires. Once an ant is electrocuted, it releases a signal calling other ants to help it, which can quickly result in a ball of dead ants inside a circuit, with thousands of ants cramming in and ruining the device.
it's getting to be something when
“When you talk to folks who live in the invaded areas, they tell you they want their fire ants back,” said LeBrun. “Fire ants are in many ways very polite. They live in your yard. They form mounds and stay there, and they only interact with you if you step on their mound.”

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Post: # 143669Post Egaladeist
Fri May 24, 2013 1:49 pm

I remember as a kid we had red ant invasions occasionally. They'd get into the cupboards, pantry, etc... one day one of my brothers went to get some crackers and was munching on them, and we just looked at him, holding back our laughter...he eventually said ' what the hell youse looking at? ' He was eating crackers that were literally covered with red ants. :rolf6:

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