Imagine if this happened to your Husband or Wife

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Imagine if this happened to your Husband or Wife

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Thu Jul 26, 2007 1:11 am

Originally submitted by Tiger Shark here: ... highlight=
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Sue Norton doesn't have to imagine. In a letter to Mole Valley District Council, she explains:

“My husband, Captain Peter Norton GC, was very seriously injured in Iraq 2 years ago. Amongst his horrendous injuries he lost his left arm, left leg and suffered major nerve damage to his remaining leg, he is confined to a wheelchair. He spent the first year at Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham and the second year in rehabilitation at DMRC Headley Court. He is still there as I type.

He was awarded the George Cross for his very brave actions in March 2006. We have 2 young sons and at the time of Peter's accident Toby was 7 months old and Tom was 2 years old.

Peter was initially treated at the American facility at Ramstein in Germany and it was here that I (and our youngest son Toby) experienced The Fisher House. The Fisher House (and there are quite a few in America, gifted by beneficiaries for the specific use of helping the families and injured personnel). They provide a great family environment for visiting relatives that allows self-sufficiency. They also provide facilities for patients not requiring constant in-hospital treatment to be with their families thus creating a wonderfully supportive environment.

Back home in the UK there was no facility suitable for visiting families with children at either Selly Oak Hospital or Headley Court. Sadly it seems to be a persistent denial on the part of The Armed Forces / Government to recognise the wider impact of Service Personnel being injured. Most families do not live anywhere near either of these facilities; hence the need was and still is very apparent. Rehabilitation takes such a long time, months roll into years, the families basically suffer as a result, and are often very alone and at a distance from their own family support network.”
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Thu Jul 26, 2007 1:28 am

This is a reworded take on a Kipling favorite by the lads over at Arrse.

We have been out to Afganistan to fight the Taliban,
But some people down in Surrey don’t seem to give a damn,
Cause when we come home wounded and need some loving care,
The sights of us and ours makes the locals start to swear.

For its bugger this and bugger that and soldiers stay away,
We like our houses as they are so keep them all away.

How can they get some sleep at night when they don’t give a damn,
When all a wounded soldier wants is a visit from his mam,

For its bugger this and bugger that and soldiers stay away,
We don’t want terrorist around here, so keep the troops away.

The message we have got for them,is they can go to hell,
If they don’t want the troops round there,they can always sell,

For its bugger this and bugger that and soldiers stay away,
We don’t want their family’s visiting,even for a day.

Don’t mock the men that guard you while your sleeping in your bed,
Cause one day it might be your son,lying there half dead.

And when you want to visit him,and the locals all protest,
You will see that none of them have medals on their chest,
Cause they are all civilians and can not understand,
Why the young men of this country go to fight the taliban.

So think again,you Surrey folk,about these brave young men,
And let their familys visit them and spend a little time,
For they have served their country,not commited any crime.

So its bugger you and your spouses,
Do you really think more of your houses?
Than the brave young men of this land,
Who only want a helping hand.

Could just as easily be our troops who have to come up against apathy. :evil:

Absent Minded Beggar by Rudyard Kipling

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Thu Jul 26, 2007 1:49 am

Thanks for sharing that guys... We all need a gentle reminder about the men and women who serve overseas, giving up much, in terms of time, family and in some unfortunate cases, their lives, only to be repaid with money and no acknowledgment when they get home.

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Thu Jul 26, 2007 5:50 am

Tis an old tale

I believe Sinead O Connor did an Irish ballad......about the Irishmen fighting for Lincoln

its a true shame

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Thu Jul 26, 2007 7:46 am

At the church I go to with my mom (Victory Baptist in North Augusta, South Carolina), we have a bus that goes to Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia and picks up the men and women who serve and bring them to church. They get services and get fed by the church and then taken back.

They're the ones who fight for us, for our freedom, and I make sure I shake hands, look them in the eye, and appreciate them every Sunday, no matter who's there. So many pass them by, even if they're in uniform. These men and women are the reason why we have the ability to have the freedoms we can use today.
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