Using software updates to spread malware

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Using software updates to spread malware

Postby THE Doctor » Tue Aug 04, 2009 9:01 am

I am sure we had a discussion on this here at some time.. but on c-net it seems to be news..

see this link

Two researchers from Israeli security firm Radware have figured out a way to trick computers into downloading malware or take over a computer by hijacking the communications during the update process for Skype and other applications.

About 100 applications, many among the most popular on CNET's, can be targeted

Personallly.. I find many users either ignore or out of fear refuse to allow many applications to update particurly apps like flash and Java runtimes.. many of these apps need to be able to plug into an update manager, or a security based update manager (Like PSI) so a user has one (or two) prompts rather than, several progs prompting for update download/install or worse a ton of old unpatched tools waiting to bite the user.. (or is there a domestic tool that I have missed)
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