Researchers developing techniques to strengthen security

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Researchers developing techniques to strengthen security

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Fri Jan 08, 2010 6:06 am

Researchers developing techniques to strengthen the security of information systems
As computers increasingly transfer patient medical records and other sensitive information, a group of computer scientists at Kansas State University is doing basic research that will help designers keep such information safe.

Complex information systems form foundations in our nation's infrastructure and defense forces, and these systems contain data with different security levels, said John Hatcliff, K-State professor of computing and information sciences. As data are exchanged between various users, there's a danger that information could be released to unauthorized parties.

The ability to guarantee secure information flow is becoming more critical as government and industry push toward increasingly complex information systems in many areas, including health care, the military and in coordinating disaster relief, Hatcliff said. That's why K-State computer scientists are developing high-level policy languages and verification techniques to strengthen the security and integrity of such systems.

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