Hacking suspect arrested for 'biggest cyberattack in history

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Hacking suspect arrested for 'biggest cyberattack in history

Postby DaFoxx » Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:43 pm

http://www.zdnet.com/hacking-suspect-ar ... 000014645/

remember Spamhouse v Cyberbunker
turns out Cyberbunker guy has a van
a BIG van, full of kit, able to break into Wi/Fi networks at will and run attack from there

wonder if van will be for sale when they lock him up and throw away key :P

The Associated Press reports that 35 year-old Sven Kamphuis, identified by The New York Times, was arrested Thursday in a city 22 miles north of Barcelona.

Originally from the Dutch city of Alkmaar, the hacking suspect operated from a mobile bunker -- a van "equipped with various antennas to scan frequencies" and able to break into networks anywhere in the country. An Interior Ministry statement said that Kamphuis was able to use his "mobile computing office" to coordinate cyberattacks and speak with media before being arrested by Spanish police on the basis of a European arrest warrant issued by the Dutch. German, Dutch, British and U.S. forces all took part in the investigation.

Kamphuis runs Internet service provider CB3ROB and web hosting firm CyberBunker, which has hosted websites including the Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks in the past. The Interior Ministry's statement says that the accused called himself a spokesperson and diplomat belonging to the "Telecommunications and Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Cyberbunker."

The alleged hacker is accused of launching an attack against anti-spam watchdog group Spamhaus. A 300Gbps distributed denial-of-service sent the non-profit into disarray, taking down the agency's website and forcing Spamhaus to turn to Cloudflare for assistance. According to the cloud services provider, the majority of the attack was traffic sent using a technique called DNS (domain name system) reflection. Usually, DNS resolves wait for a user request, but if the source address is forged, then requests may be "bounced" off different servers, amplifying the amount of traffic a domain name has to cope with and exploiting vulnerabilities in the Internet's DNS infrastructure. Most cyberattacks tend to peak at 100 billion bits a second, which is a third of what Spamhaus and Cloudflare had to cope with.
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Re: Hacking suspect arrested for 'biggest cyberattack in his

Postby rapier57 » Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:03 pm

I think the attack on Spamhaus has been going on for some time. The dude's mobility made it hard to nail him down. Glad this freak finally is locked up

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Re: Hacking suspect arrested for 'biggest cyberattack in his

Postby dinowuff » Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:25 pm

Let me get this straight. Some guy with a van (Antenna's on the top) Goes around and gets multiple networks to request DNS traffic that is essentially a round robin attack...

Biggest hack ever?

Don't put dude in prison, put the idiot admins that managed those DNS servers.
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