Microsoft doubles down on services in Windows 8.1

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Microsoft doubles down on services in Windows 8.1

Post: # 143732Post DaFoxx
Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:09 pm ... 000016170/
The Windows 8.1 slow reveal has finally begun, with an official blogpost that details some of its user interface changes. What we've seen so far is a mix of new features and UI tweaks, with all the under-the-hood changes waiting until the Build conference.

But what we've been shown makes one thing very clear: the big bet that Microsoft is making with Windows 8 hasn't gone away, and it isn't pulling back from its devices and services strategy.

Despite what some pundits are saying, Windows 8.1 isn't a reversal of the Windows 8 changes. If anything, the Redmond giant is doubling down on that strategy, with new Bing services powering Windows 8.1's search, with SkyDrive powering its storage, with IE 11 using cloud sync — and with new devices rumoured to be following in the footsteps of the two initial Surface tablets.

There are also new Bing Windows Store apps as part of the standard install, and new features in the existing bundled apps.

Microsoft's transition from a software development business to a services company is set to be one of the biggest corporate changes we've seen, affecting everything about the way the company does business.

We're already seeing some of the fruits of those changes, with Office 365 gaining a million subscribers for its Home Premium consumer service (making it a $100m a year business straight out of the gate). And those changes are driving Windows, and the way Windows is delivered to users.

Forget the new start button (which is really just a different icon on the Windows 8 start tip) and backgrounds shared between start screen and desktop (ugly as that might be when you scroll sideways): it's clear that the most important thing about Window 8.1 is just how quickly it's arriving — and what that means for the way Windows is being developed.

During Windows 8's development we speculated that the changes Microsoft was telegraphing would mean a change in Windows delivery model, from a big bang release with many, many changes every three or four years, to an approach more like Apple's OS X and iOS model, with yearly, smaller releases that offered incremental changes.

That's what we're seeing with Windows 8.1; a significant update that adds new features and tools (and built in apps), as well as increasing links to cloud services. It's more than a service pack, but much less than a traditional, full new Windows release.

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Re: Microsoft doubles down on services in Windows 8.1

Post: # 143733Post rapier57
Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:10 pm

So, now Microsoft is an Apple wannabe.

Just so long as they get rid of that ridiculous breakdance ad. Geez!

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Re: Microsoft doubles down on services in Windows 8.1

Post: # 143736Post SirDice
Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:50 am

From the looks of it Windows 7 is probably the last Windows I'll ever use. I really don't like the direction they're heading.
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