HostMans Beta 3.0

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HostMans Beta 3.0

Postby Panama Red » Tue Aug 22, 2006 12:31 pm

- online update and auto-update of hosts file;
- enable/disable usage of hosts file;
- open Hosts file with one click;
- merge two hosts files;
- built-in hosts editor;
- scan hosts for errors, duplicates and possible hijacks;
- find how many host names;
- easily install newly downloaded hosts file;
- create encrypted backups of your hosts file;
- resolve host names;
- keep log of latest blocked sites;
- exclusion list;
What's new:
- added: Auto-Updates;
- added: editable update list;
- added: option to mark updates as not installed;
- added: support for proxy basic authentication;
- added: option to restore original Windows hosts file;
- added: 'Additional Information' window;
- added: IPv6 support (hosts file);
- added: comment lines support;
- added: fix hijack of hosts file ('databasepath' registry value);
- added: support for regular expressions to the Exclusion List;
- changed: 90% of the code rewritten;
- changed: memory manager replaced;
- changed: hosts lock removed;
- changed: interface updated;
- changed: exclusion list improved;
- changed: editor improved (rewritten from scratch);
- changed: 'Block Adverts' removed from update list;
- changed: HostsServer replaces built-in HTTP Server;
- fixed: some encrypted backups are not created correctly;
- fixed: several bugs;
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