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Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:24 am
by |3lack|ce
Yep, I'm at the annual no-tell mo-tell convention, meeting with all the other owners and managers and corporate wigs, and attending a great trade show!

But that isn't why I'm posting.

I'm posting because I got a story... A really cool little story that tells you all about...

The No-Tell Mo-Tell clerk tours Atlanta (well, 2 things really)!

So here goes:

Morning dawned cold as hell as I donned my schmooze uniform and strolled out to the |cewagon, to drive it for an hour (to get 6 miles) in morning traffic, to arrive at the Mass transit train station, to hop on a train, ride 30 more minutes into downtown where the convention is being held, to register, get handed a nametag and a bag, and be told there was nothing happening at all until 4pm so get lost.


Ok, so being the dauntless |ceman I am, I decided to sally forth into town and see what trouble I could stir up. First, I walked the 6 blocks over to the CNN headquarters and paid $13 for a nice hour-long tour. I really would've curmudgeoned out of this one, but I truly needed to kill time, and a lot of it, and walking around in areas not normally seen by the public seemed a cool way to do it. It was actually an interesting tour..but that STILL isn't the part I want to tell you about.

At the end of the tour, our guide was asking me all about Saudi Arabia (I'd pointed out the Hummer that the press had used in Desert Storm, the guy was hooked, really. I shoulda charged him $13 bucks for the war stories)....anyway, he was asking me all about it, and this guy walks up and asks about Cartoon Network. Guideboy gives him directions.

"Oh HELL NO" I thought to myself, [Adult Swim] time.

I hastily beat a retreat from the overpriced gift shop and the inquisitive tour guide, jump a cab outside and tell him "Williams Street Productions" please. My wonderfully arabic cabbie didn't know what that was. Undaunted, I try again "TBS? Cartoon Network? TNT?"

"OH!" he says, his eyes lighting up as he flicks the meter. Rut roh, I'm in for a ride now. I sat in the back and quietly prayed to the powers that be to save my wallet from too much damage.

He rolls up on Williams Street, points across a VERY busy boulevard and says "There's cartoon network and TNT, but I don't know where Williams Street Productions is." I just smile and direct him 200 yards forward, beneath this innocuous little sign that reads TURNER on it in the old logo. Yup, I found it.

Ok, no problem. I pay off the cabbie his 12.50 plus tip, jump out, and head for the door. It's locked, intercom entry, big sign on door says DO NOT ENTER, ENTRANCE ON ROOF.

"WTF?" I think to myself. I can't bloody well fly up there. I walk on down. Next door on the building, same story.

Then I get to this fenced -in area behind the building. Two people dressed in college student fashion are standing there indulging in nicotine and talking. Bingo! I approach.

"Excuse me," I say pleasantly, my monkey suit standing out amidst the grunge college look of my new acquaintances, "I'm not really sure if I'm in the correct place or not, but could you kindly tell me... Is this Williams Street Productions, where Adult Swim is produced?"

The lovely young brunette answered in the affirmative, and consented to take time out of her busy day to give me a tour of the place, if I'd just go push the intercom button on the first door I came to and ask for her by name.

Guys, IT RULES in there! It's everything you picture an ultra-laid-back college aged employee cartoon production studio to be. They even have a Jackalope gracing the wall, as well as the grass wall from the comic-con they introduced Metalocalypse to the world on. Family Guy pinball, video games and lockers, the works.

Best of all, I met the guys who do the bumps, the writer for ATHF, and the character creator for Metalocalypse (which is one of my favorites). I even met the girl who does Robot Chicken!

My lovely young guide informed me that they very rarely had anyone visit their little corner of the world, and thanked me for coming. I told her the pleasure was all mine and that I'd been an Adult Swim fan from day one - you shoulda seen her beaming smile after that one :)

Best of all came the loot - Pics below of the 2 wonderful items I got, pardon the lighting on the first, this hotel room is quite dim.




I'm wearing this hoodie right now that, in my humble opinion, I drove 10 hours to get. The rest of this trip is fluff - other than that cute bartender who's working tomorrow night in the Hotel bar...

Suffice it to say though that the [adult swim] tour beat the living hell out of CNN, or anything else in Atlanta. Do me a favor, watch the bumps tonight - I might be in 'em, the guys asked who I'll be under my realname, not |ce.


Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:37 am
by Egaladeist
Do me a favor, watch the bumps tonight - I might be in 'em, the guys asked who I'll be under my realname, not |ce.
Would but I don't get TSN or TNT cable ...but it sounds like you had a blast :mrgreen:

Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:40 am
by |3lack|ce
Dunno if it'll be tonight -they're already taking bumps for the 9th now that I've looked on, but ya never know...

Oh yah, I *did* mention too :) hope we got it lookin good enough for some new traffic.

Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:19 am
by Egaladeist
Oh yah, I *did* mention too
Kudos Ice :cool3: :pleasantry:

Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:15 am
by Timaxe
I'll try to watch tonight...that sounds bad ass!

And then I come back a few hours later to notice I didn't actually make the post...haven't seen anything yet :(

Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:19 pm
by Aspman
Sounds like an interesting day |ce :good:

Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:23 pm
by Dogbert
So how long is this convention? Hit up the World of Coca Cola and the Georgia Aquarium on Baker St, across from Centennial Olympic Park. If you're there this weekend the local Six Flags park is opening for the season as well (I-20 on the westside of town). :sponge1:

Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:27 pm
by |3lack|ce
Convention's a hoot. I passed on Coca Cola and the Aquarium, but the park is wonderful, I walked through it going to CNN.

I might hit up Coke tomorrow after the festivities are over - I overslept general session this morning so I'm running late getting there, might go in this afternoon for a few hours and one class that's uber-important.

I *still* wanna meet that cute lil bartender here at the hotel, she's working again tonight :cool3:

I'll add in a short in this post you'll love - How I lost the |cewagon in Atlanta...

So here I was yesterday, heading into town. I told you about the hour long drive to get 6 miles down the road to the train station, and about the half hour train ride into downtown. Kudos to MARTA (Atlanta's mass-transit), they're clean and very efficient with short waits on the trains. I *didn't* tell you about what happened on the return trip for a reason.

I rolled out of downtown on the train going to the wrong station. I caught my mistake in time, and switched to the correct train, then proceeded to where I wanted to be.

Now, MARTA provides these wonderful parking garages for their customers. No fuss, no muss, drive up, grab ticket, and go park, you're free for the first 24 hours. It was especially great considering I found a spot close to the entrance that I could back the |cewagon into (any King Ranch owner will tell you they're a bitch to park, or to unpark as the case may be - backing in is the best option). I left all happy and headed into town and had the wonderful adventure described above.

I get to my station, disembark from the train after a nice, quiet ride, and go out into the parking garage to get my truck and head on back to the hotel...only my truck wasn't where it should be. Now I walked that entire garage, from roof to ground floor, hunting my baby, pressing the 'honk your horn' button on my remote. No luck. Rut Roh.

I get to the ground floor for the 2nd time and ask the Marta Cop who's riding up in his patrol car. I tell him my truck appears to have gone missing, or more aptly I believe I've misplaced it. His eyes got very big around, I know he was thinking 'stolen vehicle' which is huge to them I'm sure. I described the vehicle. He hadn't seen it. I described entering the parking garage and where I'd parked it. He still had no clue. I told him I'd backed it in, his eyes lit up. "OH! You mean the other parking garage. Those spots are situated for backing into." "Other garage?" I inquire, happy my truck probably isn't lost but very embarassed at the same time, "How do I get to it?"

The nice friendly Marta Cop pointed me in the correct direction, the |cewagon was right where I'd left her, very much unmolested. I hopped in and brought her back here to the hotel.

Note to self and a warning to future visitors: There is more than one parking garage at Dunwoody Train Station.

Lost a bloody hour hunting my beauty. I hope she appreciates it.

Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:45 pm
by Dogbert
Okay, I've never lost ANYTHING on MARTA :rolf6: And I used to use the system all the time.

Coke is cool. I managed to do both in half a day, same day, since they're right beside each other. Be prepared for the pricey gift shop tho. I think the best parts were the taste testing, and the plant operations section.

Where is the convention? Sounds like it's either at the Georgia World Congress Center (right next to the park, which means you'd take the south bound train from dunwoody to five points (pernts), then take the west bound train(any of them) to Georgia Dome/GWCC/CNN Center)..., America's Mart, Marriott Marquis, Hyatt or Westin to be that close to Centennial, etc.

Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 5:34 pm
by |3lack|ce
Hyatt Peachtree. Great hotel, but 3 bucks for a Dr Pepper is outrageous.

I'm staying way up in Marietta.

Took the 7 block walk to CNN yesterday and enjoyed the park en route. Williams St Productions was a 12.50 cab ride which ain't bad at all - I tipped the driver nicely.

Bout to head out for today - all classes all afternoon but I fully intend to hit up Hard Rock Cafe for supper and House of Blues for a short time after, until it's time to hook 'em home and meet up with that hottie bartender. Dude, she's all that - 5ft nothing pure georgia peach with dark sultry eyes and a tight lil bod that just will NOT quit. I think I scored uber points with her my first night in when I talked her trade with her - being an ex-bartender myself it wasn't too hard. She loved it when I suggested putting Sauza in the well instead of that noname Tequila she's running too, and especially loved it when I asked where the local dive bars were. She'd worked tending in one nearby and told me she'd take me to it tonight :cool3: It was all bartender rubbin up on me after we made the date. Unbusy hotel bar means she'll remember me, and our plans, for sure.

This morning (well, afternoon nearly) I'm still drinkin this overpriced coffee from room service (7 bucks for a 4 cup pot! yeesh!) and prepping. Stayed up too late watching [as] last night and overslept this morning in a huge way. It's all good tho, I was running on 4 hours sleep all day yesterday from the drive in. Anyways, lemme quit writing this and get clean-pressed & dressed for more convention. I'll post up more tonight late, or tomorrow after the action.


Re: Greetings from Atlanta!

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:59 am
by |3lack|ce
Pretty girl makes great apple martinis. *hic*

I found my truck easily tonight. I even gave a guy directions to a place downtown. WTF? I'm a tourist.

More tomorrow...