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PGP - Eve's point of view

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:28 am
by burn
This was just posted on the xkcd blog and I thought it was pretty funny.

For those of you that don't get this, whenever PGP is explained the two people trying to communicate securely are Bob and Alice. Eve is always in the middle trying to decipher what's being said.

The guy that writes this blog has a great sense of humor and is always coming up with some pretty witty comics.

This is probably the most viewed comic on his site. You can also get it on a t-shirt.

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2006 10:21 am
by catch
Hmm, I guess you had to be there... ;)



Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2006 1:54 pm
by Vorlin
ROFL, those are great! I particularly liked this one the best, probably...

Very good finds!

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2006 2:21 pm
by outerlimit
hahah, i have a friend who reads those and sends me links...

i tried starting at the beginning and reading them, but i've just been too busy lately.

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2006 3:00 pm
by catch
Well, it's no Space Moose, but some of them are kinda amusing.



Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2006 3:32 pm
by burn
Ah yes, the good ol' raptor comic. The funny thing to me about his anti-raptor attitude is that a year or so ago OffTopic had a thread going about what would you pick in the store if you had to go against a raptor (or something like that) and one of the funniest ones was a handtruck. A lot of people jumped on that one and just went crazy.

That became an inside joke for a while in the IT department. We had a god time with it.

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:33 am
by xierox
Those are great. I just finished reading all of them. Thanks for the link.

- X

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:53 am
by Aspman

I stumble over these every so often.

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 8:07 pm
by J_K9
Haha! Great cartoons! :D

And I love this new Quick Reply box - highly useful 8)

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2006 7:02 am
by Moxnix we got quick reply. I can become another ky_jelly. (errr K9-J?)

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 9:05 am
by Harbinger
I'm not really into Pokemon.

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 11:12 pm
by alleyCat
Harbinger wrote:I'm not really into Pokemon.
LMAO and I thought I was the only one who read that.