A discussion on UK Politics since the 2019 GE

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A discussion on UK Politics since the 2019 GE

Post: # 147789Post DaFoxx
Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:41 pm

So, we now no longer have a hung Parliament, and the likelihood of us completing BREXIT is back on track
my FB feed is full of bleeding heart socialist types whining that it isn't fair
that they should be in control and it is all wrong

BoJo is a PITA and a bit of a buffoon, but that is likely [HOPEFULLY] a carefully thought out charade
he is well educated but completely out of touch with the working class, quoted as saying that his £500 000 salary for his bit in a UK broadsheet wasn't excessive, and is barely enough to live on ...................................

so a complete cock, and now in full control of our destiny for the next 5 years at least

not sure where I'm heading with this TBH :P :) :shock:
but realistically, I am conservative with the small c, and so happy that the Marxist Corbyn was stopped at the gate, we will now live through the next few months watching as the Labour party internally destroy themselves, as Corbyn has stated he will remain in charge until a new leader is selected ......................

typical socialist response, never let yourself lose control until it is forcibly removed from you

as for the rest of the UK, we hope for the best to happen, whilst planning to survive the worst that could happen

so here's to 2020 and all it can bring, but at least the EU bollox will be settled, and we shall see who actually got it right

personally, I see the EU in MAJOR financial trouble, as after Germany and Holland the UK was a MAJOR donor of funds to the EU, most of the rest, if not all, are negative payers, as in they provide there donation of X $$$$ and claim back / receive 2x X $$$ in rebates and funds for projects ..................

so as Germany is starting to say NO MORE to this, and the EU having to find BILLIONS just to stay level with current plans, the only plan they had was to drag UK along to screw as much as possible out of us, and now that BoJo has a massive majority, that has just died the death, and UK is now in a position to TELL EU "NO MORE"

time WILL tell

see you in a few months and lets see where we end up

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Re: A discussion on UK Politics since the 2019 GE

Post: # 147867Post Egaladeist
Tue Mar 03, 2020 11:49 am

I'm not up on UK politics, but if it's anything like Canadian or US politics it's a friggin' convoluted mess, always has been, always will be
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