9.9 Trillion Dollars

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Re: 9.9 Trillion Dollars

Post: # 127734Post |3lack|ce
Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:29 pm

Ok, time to ask WTF yet again...

In my 42 years of life I've always been led to believe that Capitalism was the watchword of the United States, and that the Feds very carefully stayed as far from business as they were able...yet I turn on my idiot box yesterday to see this:

Obama FIRED GM's CEO - (Ok, he really didn't fire him, because he hasn't got that power - what he did was tell them that if they didn't axe their leadership they wouldn't get any bailout money - but that's the way ABC News reported it last night).

Obama tells Chrysler (jeep, et al) to Merge or Die - same story, they get 30 days worth of cash to finalize a deal with Fiat. If they don't merge, they're hosed.

Dudes and Dudettes, I must ask these questions:
When is enough really enough? When will we tell our government, which is employed by us, to stay the HELL out of big business? How much of our great-great grandkid's money are we gonna spend here to "Save jobs" (while GM's 'fired' CEO takes his 20 million dollar pension on the way out the door)?

SCREW BIG BUSINESS! Let them die already, take the unemployment hit. I promise that something will come along to replace it, or else it wasn't really needed in the first place. THAT, my friends, is capitalism. Yes, I know that's fine, well, and easy to say when my industry isn't currently directly effected by any of it, however even if my job was directly on the line I'd say the same thing as I frantically faxed my resume to anyone who'd have it.

Business is based on an idea - see a need, and fill it. When needs change, so does business, or it dies. If someone goes into business in an area that isn't truly needed, or isn't needed enough by enough people, their business fails. If someone goes into business and has competitors, and can't stay competitive with them, their business fails even if others are prospering. THIS is capitalism. This is what has happened to AIG, GM, Chrysler (Who sucked back when they were AMC and never really did get any better), and all the others on a VERY long list of companies with their hands out to Uncle Sam. Let's let Capitalism work eh? Let the businesses crash, or prosper as they will.

I'm curious what would happen if the Infernal Revenue Service gave us the option of permitting our tax dollars to go to aid corporate bailouts or not (check here!) - how much money would they actually get voulenteered to aid their cause? Which of you really want your taxes to do this? I bloody well don't, and I'm damn fed up full and sick of it happening without my consent.

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Re: 9.9 Trillion Dollars

Post: # 127933Post Vorlin
Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:52 pm

Fully agreed with ^'s post...it's such a disgusting thing and it's not even remotely stopping anytime soon. That's the really sad part of it. I'm seriously wondering how this country will look in 3-4 years and wonder just if Osama...oops, Obama, gets re-elected by the same naive group that got him in simply because he's "black". I know my entire family including my mom's brother & sister's families didn't vote for him and neither did I.
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Re: 9.9 Trillion Dollars

Post: # 140476Post DaFoxx
Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:12 am

economys on the up
B razil
R ussia
I ndia
C hina
the BRIC group

economys on the slide into oblivion
P ortugal
I taly
I reland
G reece
S pain

suprisingly the economys in the middle

C olumbia
U ganda
N icuragua
T hailand
S enegal
aren't saying much :shock: :D
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Re: 9.9 Trillion Dollars

Post: # 140481Post rapier57
Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:29 am

What, Old Fox? Took you three years to come up with a cool response to |ceman's post?

Run! Zombie thread!!!!!

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Re: 9.9 Trillion Dollars

Post: # 140502Post DaFoxx
Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:35 pm

forgot to add - I HAD been drinking, and pillaging the back woods seemed safest :)
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