More On Wal-Marts Wikipedia War

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More On Wal-Marts Wikipedia War

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Sat Jul 29, 2006 2:47 pm

Following our recent article Wal-marts Wikipedia War, the Whitedust editorial staff received the following email from Mike Krempasky (representing Edelman Public Affairs in Washington, DC).

While maintaining that Whitedust has no actual specific issue with Wal-Mart - indeed the article was published on the simple premise that Wikepedia's important neutrality was apparently being compromised with enough evidence cited within the article - and in the interests of a more balanced argument, we feel it necessary to publish the email in full to the Whitedust readership.

The Email:

Unlike anyone that Richard actually identified as representing Wal-Mart, I work at Edelman Public Affairs in Washington, DC. Would love to chat about the piece if anyone there has a moment. I tried to contact him directly, but only found a bum address.

First - if someone at Wal-Mart really was mucking with the Wikipedia, I'd be the first with my pitchfork and torch (and they're my client!)

Unfortunately, Richard didn't exactly identify (by his own admission) anyone on the payroll doing the jackassery.

As a side note: does anyone really think that lobbyists have nothing better to do? Say... like lobbying?

Finally - if he actually has identified any suspect IP addresses - I'd love to help track the offenders down. If he hasn't, then it's just
an irresponsible piece designed to chase a slashdotting.

I'm at this email - or on my cell at ***.***.****


Mike Krempasky
Vice President


1. The Bum email address mentioned in the email is 'vzshzn AT' - obviously a 'no spam' address for a very clearly visible real email address.

2. The author of the article is not a Whitedust staff member nor a security expert (this is more aimed at some of the badly researched and sarcastic troll comments on Slashdot and Digg).

3. The Whitedust staff decline to comment at all on the question of if Wal-Mart are actually guilty of editing their own Wikipedia page.

According to our latest poll, at time of writing 74% of Whitedust readers believe that Wal-Mart have manipulated Wiki.

We now consider this matter closed. ... dia%20War/
Whitedust: More On Wal-Marts Wikipedia War

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