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Postby Vorlin » Wed Sep 13, 2006 2:32 pm

Egaladeist wrote:Therein lies the problem...

the US has a somewhat negative appeal and is taken with suspicion because...the US government always seems to involve themselves in conflicts that have some kind of economic or political or strategic benefit...

Yeah, it's the government and people in DC that decide where to go and what to do, even though you know damned well that it won't be THEIR kid going overseas to do whatever. And these are the same bastard politicians who pass bills and such that undercut the military that's turning out to be the "Global Police".

Egaladeist wrote:the involvement never seems to be altruistic.

Even the 10 years in WW1 and WW2 they missed half of them...because there was no value in it for themselves until it became apparent they had no choice.

Specifically, WW2. If we were all connected in a pangaea manner, I have no doubt that we would've been either invaded or defending someone else next door. That's one of the big problems with the whole european area. The only real reason we're able to be a successful as a country is because we're way the F over here with only two countries next door; one of which can't do shit anyways (Mexico) and the other that kicks our asses in hockey (Canada), hehe...and we're on friendly terms with both.

Egaladeist wrote:However...to the US credit...it is the only superpower ever to exist that has no real colonial interest...they invade but do not keep...self-determination is a value they hold dear.

Again...the American Public will support their government...but...only so far as they feel it is fair.

Yeah, we really wouldn't try to keep anything, especially overseas. I mean, we already have 50 states, the flag looks good the way it is, and there's no real reason to take over some other country and put it under US rule. Puerto Rico (which I personally can't stand) was being talked about as bringing it in as the 51st state and everyone I knew thought that was the dumbest idea ever. They're able to get all the benefits of being a US state yet don't have to pay taxes and they complain all the fucking time about how controlling we are when we're not controlling shit! And then they come over here to Florida waving their flag around like it means something. I say pack up and leave PR to be taken over by Cuba. (IMHO, no flames please, it hurts)

As far as the american people, we have very little choice in what DC decides to do. After 9/11, 86% or so of the population was in favor of kicking the living shit (aka go to war) with whoever was responsible for the attacks. Bush could've NUKED Afghanistan, Iraq, AND Iran at that time and we, as a people, wouldn't have cared. Now, the people are NOT for going to war, we're NOT saying we want to do anything to anyone now that Bush has made us look like the neighborhood bully, attacking countries under false pretenses, and most of us don't support Bush at all. I can't wait for that lying sack of shit to get OUT of office and get someone democratic in there. I certainly didn't vote for him in 2004. Once again, IMHO.

All of this is in my humble opinion...I try to support my government, but it's a joke most of the time and it's been shown that "tricks" can be done to influence decisions, voting, and the like. But that's a whole different thread.
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