Hello Taz forums

Please make your first post here, and familiarize yourself with TAZ Forums by taking a moment and reading the stickies. Spank-you...errr....thank-you...and enjoy your stay!
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Hello Taz forums

Post: # 35451Post lane
Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:36 pm

Hello, I am a semi-educated network tech, stressed about my job and trying to keep up with the security crowd for fun and to eventually move into the field as a carreer(I wish).

Security Guru Want to Be

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Post: # 35453Post Harry
Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:37 pm

Hi Lane,

Welcome, Im sure you will find all the help you need here to learn new stuff and prgress as you want to!

Feel free to post wherever you feel like doing!
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Post: # 35455Post Maverick
Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:46 pm

Hey lane - let me be the 2nd to welcome to the Taz!

Look forward to hearing from you in the future!
- Maverick

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Post: # 35458Post Egaladeist
Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:50 pm

welcome! :D Relax and have fun! :D

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Post: # 35471Post Shippwreck
Mon Aug 28, 2006 11:42 pm

He he, welcome!

I'm sure theres plenty you can learn round here, i know i am and i'm supposed to be one of the guys running the place!
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Post: # 35486Post J_K9
Tue Aug 29, 2006 12:44 am

Welcome, lane!

As has been said - I hope you learn a lot around here, and contribute a bit too! I see you've already posted in a pen testing thread, so you're off to a good start! :D
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