Books Well Let's See

If you have something interesting to say as a writer and it's readable, or just have an opinion on a good book you read...why not put it here so we can enjoy it with you...
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Books Well Let's See

Post: # 147665Post Egaladeist
Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:47 am

I'm not an avid book reader, I like books, my daughter loves books ( as by the constant flow of books that get delivered that I get the pleasure of paying for :rolf6: ) , but I haven't read a book in years. I find the worse my eyesight gets the less interest I have in reading. But there was a time I read a lot of books.

Mostly Philosophy, Religion, and their relative histories and contemporaries.

I've always had a fascination for why a significant portion of the population believes in something that a very small portion of the population, by comparison, thinks is a load of shit. If we go by majority vote the minority loses. But having the majority on your side doesn't necessarily make you right.

Any deeper I think we're in the wrong forum. :finger:

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Re: Books Well Let's See

Post: # 147673Post DaFoxx
Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:59 am

I read a LOT of books, mainly military history, and also a lot of physics / maths too, read IT tech dependant on my latest work load, and keep re reading my Discworld collection from the late Terry Pratchett
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