What's up with Sony

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What's up with Sony

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Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:07 am

OK I buy movies, quite a few actually, because I prefer to own a movie and watch it whenever I want to, and sell it if I don't want it anymore. Lately the new movies I've bought won't play, easily.

Essentially I have a Blu-ray player that wont play new Blu-rays.

At first I thought it might be my player getting old, but then it has no issues playing any of my older Blu-rays and DVD's. The only issue I'm having is with Blu-rays I've purchased this year. DVD's play fine.

I either get the message ' cannot play this disc ' after waiting forever for it to load........or........the disc doesn't play but I get the message it's a BD-RE BDMV.

So off to the land of Google I go....and I get a bunch of links to copying which can't be the case because these are new sealed movies. So finally I find a link that says Sony ( and probably others ) added new security measures to prevent piracy and this can cause the messages I'm getting and prevent a Blu-ray from playing.

Seriously ??? Security measures that prevent piracy that also prevent a legit buyer from playing the god damn disc.

I can get the discs to play....but you have to load it 20 times to get it to work. I'm playing Captain Marvel right now but it took several tries and about 20 mins to get it to load.

Maybe I do need a new Blu-ray player that is designed to take these new security measures into account, or maybe I should just stop buying Sony movies as they seem to be the major culprit.

I'd complain to Sony but I know it'd be a waste of time falling on deaf ears.

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