OK, You are NOT going to believe this

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OK, You are NOT going to believe this

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Fri Jan 09, 2015 7:26 am

You know that email scam...I need your help with millions of dollars.......well guess what :rolf6:

I got one in the mail...yep, snail mail from South Africa :rolf6:

I couldn't believe it....

my daughter goes down to get the mail because she's waiting for a few things she bought off ebay...comes up and says ' dad you got a letter from South Africa...what?????

Robert Martins
phone number in letter 427718127611
email robertmartinssa1(at)gmail.com
amount 12.522mil US funds

what's really weird is it was addressed to my name and address, it wasn't to ' occupant ', which isn't hard to find out but, to someone more gullible it makes it seem more legit.

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