On Another Note : Shit Happens

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On Another Note : Shit Happens

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Wed May 29, 2019 2:51 pm

I've been dealing with several medical issues for many many years. Some older than this forum. Diabetes, COPD, extremely high cholesterol ( absurdly high, that they didn't believe the results were real and tested me again :rolf6: , they have no idea why so their answer was it must be genetic ), severe circulation issues in my legs that might require surgery, and a consistent pain in my right ear that I've had for the last 15 years that was recently ( last June ) diagnosed as ACC Cancer ( a very rare type of cancer that ironically is not caused by tobacco or alcohol :rolf6: )

So they gave me a year and a half as an estimate of longevity, unless I went through radical surgery and kemo that would require me to retire and lose half my face. Retire? Who are they fucking kidding! I can't afford to stop working. More poor and faceless, yeh that sounds appealing. At any rate it's probably too late now anyways.

When they finally diagnosed the issue of why I've had a persistent ear ache for 15 years they were all giddy, apparently this cancer is so rare that it's like winning the lottery, they had me in with a team of specialists, who had me scheduled for tests and surgery the following week. Whoh! Time to digest. It took you guys 15 years to figure this out and now you want me to radically alter my life in a week. Sorry no can do, I have bills to pay.

Well, if the estimate is correct I should be dead before the clock turns to 2020. But, who knows, wouldn't be the first time they were wrong, I could be around another 10 years. Or, one of my other ailments could do it first. My daughter says they're competing for the right to be the one that kills me :rolf6:

Whether or not I am here this forum will survive.

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